Volume 2 Number 4

Automated Taxonomic Classification of Phytoplankton Using Deep Learning
Romualdo D. Atibula II 1), Robert R. Roxas 1,*)

Development of an In-Vehicle Infotainment Control System Using Hand Gesture Recognition
Hyunduk Kim 1,*), Sang-Heon Lee 1), Myoung-Kyu Sohn 1), Wonju Bae 1)

Analysis and reduction of TRV effect on circuit breaker and MOV in a real power system with TCSC
Jae-In Lee 1), Seok-Ju Lee 1), Minh-Chau Dinh 1), Minh-Quan Tran 1), Minwon Park 1,*), JongSu Yoon 2)

Highly Sensitive ITO-Based Nanowire Biosensor for the Detection of Glycated Albumin
Su Han LEE 1), Hyung Jin Kim 1,*), Min Ji Choi 1), Sang Keun Sung 1)