Volume 2 Number 2

Vol.2 No.2

Power-Aware Virtual Machine Placement for Edge-Fog Cloud
Yuxin Sun 1), Xianzhang Chen 1), Duo Liu 1,*)

Development of frypan bin-picking software by using 2D & 3D sensors
GeonHwan Kwon 1), InTae Lee 2), and Hyunki Lee 1,*)

Implementation of Korean Braille by Using Reduced Keyboard System
Byugn Hyun Moon 1,*)

PSCAD/EMTDC based Design and Simulation of a Control Algorithm for TCSCs
Minh-Quan Tran 1), Minh-Chau Dinh 1), Seok-Ju Lee 1), Jea-In Lee 1), Minwon Park 1,*), JongSu Yoon 2)