Volume 2 Number 1

A Survey: Architecture, Security Threats and Application of SDN
Kashif Nisar 1,*), Emilia Rosa Jimson 1), Mohd. Hanafi bin Ahmad Hijazi 1), Shuaib K. Memon 2)

Development of group rehabilitation system for cognitive training and prevention of dementia using virtual reality
Sung-Phil Heo 1,*), DoHyun Ahn 2), SeungHo Choun 2)

Economic Analysis of HVDC and HVAC Systems for a 200 MW Floating Offshore Wind Farm in Ulsan
Ga-Eun Jung 1), Minh-Chau Dinh 1), Hae-Jin Sung 1), Minwon Park 1, *)

Real-Time Hand Joint Regression Using Convolutional Neural Network
Myoung-Kyu Sohn 1), Sang-Heon Lee 1,*), Hyunduk Kim 1), Wonju Bae 1)