Increasing mixing efficiency with peristaltic motion

JIETA, Vol.1, no.3, pp.41-44, 2018

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Increasing mixing efficiency with peristaltic motion

So-Hae Yang1), Yun Seok Heo1,*)
1)Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Medicine, Keimyung University, Daegu, South Korea

Abstract: Impression material is used for dental treatments such as prosthodontics and is first mixed before placed in mouth. Mixing impression material requires specialized mixers due to its high viscosity, which make it difficult for the ingredients to mix each other because of the low Reynolds number (Re). The use of mixing tip has many advantages by minimizing the entry of bubbles and increasing mixing efficiency. However, mixing tip has unnecessary remaining residues after use. Here, we developed a static mixing tip mimicking peristalsis motion of the digestive organs to minimize the internal volume of mixing tip. First, the diverse designs were evaluated by computer simulations, COMSOL, and suggested many different sizes and patterns of the mixing tips, which were formed by the 3D printer and then examined with the impression materials. The degree of mixing uniformity of efficiency was examined by using Image J. The results shows that proposed design with peristalsis can reduce impression materials by shorten the length and inner volume of mixing tip without reducing the mixing efficiency.

Keyword: component; formatting; Mixing tips, Impression materials, Peristaltic, Mixing efficiency

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